Li Ziming (Lǐzǐmíng) is a main protagonist of Sunshine & Bright Stars. She is a talented dancer and is the drummer of a band. Li Ziming is romantically involved with Xin Cheng.

Her nickname is "Ah ming."

Appearance Edit

Li Ziming has short red hair with side bangs which drape on the right side of her face. Her eyes are purple. Li Ziming is very tall and slender, as well as good looking, but she can be mistaken as a boy.

Personality Edit

Li Ziming is tomboyish, athletic, and cool. In school she doesn't pay attention much and often disobeys dress code by not wearing the school uniform.[1] Li Ziming also eats and sleep a lot, which showcases a lazy attitude, but when she is focused, Li Ziming can be very hardworking. She is also a very good cook.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Li Ziming's mother left her family when she was eight. She remembers her father loving her mother very much but her mother left since she wasn't feeling happy in the marriage. Afterwards, Li Ziming cut her hair and regarded her mother as a betrayer.[2]

Middle School Edit

In middle school, Li Ziming played basketball and originally had two very good friends: Ren Jian and Tang Ren. Ren Jian had a crush on Li Ziming and decided to confess his feelings. Despite not having mutual feelings for Ren Jian, Li Ziming eventually accepted his confession and dated him for a while since she didn't want to lose him as a friend. Soon Li Ziming wanted to break up but she knew Ren Jian wouldn't give up, so she and Tang Ren told Ren Jian that they liked each other to get rid of Ren Jian for good. The plan backfired, however, when the rumor spread that both girls were gay, causing both of them to have problems with their families, peers, etc.[3]

When explaining the misunderstanding to her boyfriend(?), Tang Ren and him both fell into cold icy water, causing their deaths. Li Ziming sometimes blames herself for this tragic event. After that, Ren Jian just wanted to destroy Li Ziming's happiness.

Meeting Xin Cheng Edit

Li Ziming met Xin Cheng when the latter girl approached her to ask if she could teach dance choreography to Class X for the upcoming school arts festival.[1] At first, Li Ziming wasn't interested, but after seeing the resolve and capability of Xin Cheng, she agreed to help her.[4]

Future Plans Edit

Li Ziming wants to attend a music school.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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